Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ane Mediaeval Update

As is probably evident from the scarcity of posts on here of late, I’ve been languishing in the depths of the dreaded Painter’s Block for the last few weeks. Outside pressures at work, a recent spell of warm weather and other things are major contributing factors in this, and hopefully I should be able to shake it off soon, and return to some sort of productive output.

Thankfully before the rot set in, I did manage to turn out another couple bases of 15mm Feudal Scots, and finish off Sir Gilbert.

Another base of pikemen for the second rank. Had a slight disaster with the matt varnish on these boys, and a desperate rescue attempt ensued.  Again, probably mainly down to me thinning it down too much and putting too much on…

My first base of archers. Note the longbows! As I’ve ranted about previously, there’s no historical basis for the assertion that the Scots used a “shortbow”. The inferiority of the Scots archers in these campaigns derived more from their lack of numbers and tactical employment, rather than any deficiencies in equipment. Indeed, given that in years to come, during the Hundred Years War, the King of France instituted his Scots Archer Guard, the ability of Scots archers on a one-to-one basis must have been fairly well respected.

Also, a further myth is that “all Scottish archers came from the Ettrick Forest”. Not so. The forest of Ettrick may well have(and probably did) supplied a higher percentage of archers, or indeed some of markedly superior quality, but it was by no means the sole source of bowmen in the Scottish Army. Amongst other places, Kilsyth was named in muster rolls as supplying a quantity of archers as its contribution to the war effort. With this in mind, I’m trying hard to avoid painting my archers as a raft of Robin Hood clones in varying shades of green and brown…!

Sir Gilbert de la Haye. He’s finished and awaiting the completion of the Marschal and High Steward to join him on a base of three.

I’d made a start on another base of pike, another base of archers and Sir Robert Keith, when the dreaded Block set in, so no further progress for now. Disturbingly, I’m being tempted back to the Cold War lately, so who knows when they’ll get finished…


Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Bloodhound Gang

Some of you remember this from back in March-

“All I need now is to find a recent version of the venerable Airfix Bloodhound…”

from this post...

But now look what I gots me!

Unfortunately, it arrived a wee bit too late for me to make a start on it for the current Guild terrain build, but at least now RAF Ost- Tötenbraut is one step closer…