Saturday, 4 January 2014

Playing Catch Up!

So, first post of 2014, and happy new year to all! Hope Santa was good to you all, and delivered copious amounts of lead, resin, plastic and MDF, and suitable quantities of medicinal alcohol...

I went back to work just before Christmas, so painting productivity took a somewhat inevitable nose-dive, as did actually posting up pictures of what I had got done!

So, after the Armageddon that was Hogmanay nightshift, here's a little round up of what has been done over the last few weeks...

The "Friend & Foe" group build over on The Guild drew to it's conclusion, and I actually managed to get my entries finished in time. The results of the build can be seen here.

 The MILAN team got it's base;

And was joined by a spotter/ command element

(Who still require an aerial for their Clansman set)

On the other side of the Curtain, The Soviet Motor Rifles saw the command squad finished

and joined by the BMP dismounts

A bit of variation on the uniforms on two of the figures, to emphasise that ever-reliable Soviet supply chain...

Rather pleased with how these tree stumps have come out, I must admit. They're old Woodland Scenics metal pieces I aquired years ago, before the infamous fire, so I'm using my few remaining items sparingly!

I've got enough figures in the stash to get another BMP squad done, and then it'll be onto some support weapons for the Sovs (to match the BAOR ones I've got) and then, hopefully, some appropriate vehicles to mount 'em all in.

In other news, I have aquired some scenery, which will hopefully add some sufficiently "80's Germany" flavour to proceedings, but rather more on that later...

Cheers, and all the best for 2014...