Sunday, 29 September 2013


Got the Blowpipe detachment  for the 20mm BAOR finished and  based. Quite chuffed with them...

The document held by the No.2 was meant originally to be a recognition guide showing the silouhette of an SU-25 Frogfoot; but it went very wrong very quickly, so the less said about that the better...

Next up, platoon command....


Painting Challenge Entry 4

Rather unexpectedly, my efforts on The Guild's "Red" groupbuild collared me third place and a very fetching ribbon for my avatar, so now just contenting myself with contributing to the medieval painting order on Lead Adventure...

Next up, a Scottish sprearmen from the Otterburn campaign 1388

And a shot without the pike getting in the way of the face...

Another Claymore Castings scuplt, I'm really loving this series, the figures practically paint themselves, and now there's a load Highlanders/ Islesmen out, I can feel a Harlaw diorama coming on...


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Painting Challenge Entry 3

Third entry finished. This time Sir John Edmonstone of East Lothian. A Scottish knight and staunch adherent of the Douglases, and joined them in trolling the Percys in 1388 in the campaign that culminated in the battle of Otterburn. Predictably, he then joined the remaining Otterburn victors in charging to their doom 14 years later at Humbleton.

The sculpt is from Claymore Castings ever impressive Otterburn range, and fit the criterea for both The Guild's "Red" speedbuild, and Lead Adventure's Medieval Painting Club, so has been fired in on both. Anything to chivvy along a somewhat stalled project!


All quiet on the central front?

Having mainly been painting fingz red this month, this is probably a good time to point out that I've not been neglecting my responsibilities to the defence of NATOs central front.

Got the Light role GPMG team based and finished. Still needs varnished though, but there's issues surrounding that...

Got the Blowpipe detachment finished and ready for basing up...

Tried something different on the optics, theiving Tacobat of The Guild's method. Pretty chuffed with the result, and certainly different from my usual "clear Tamiya colour over silver" method.

I continue to be impressed by these BAOR sculpts from Elhiem, the quality of the animation, the crispnes of the sculpt and the cleaness of the castings are second to none.



The aforementioned Peninsular Rifleman. A plastic Perry Miniature, painted over a year ago. Was well chuffed with this guy, but less enamoured with the base, so painting the redcoat below was the perfect opportunity to re-base him to match!

And some shots of both together, showing the nice contrast between the traditional red of the 44th, and the sombre green of the 95th...

The challenge now is to finish the remaining 38 in the box (plus some metal Riflemen) to the same standard...


Painting Challenge Entry 2

Second entry for The Guild's "Red" painting speedbuild. This one's a plastic Perry Napoleonic Redcoat, painted as a member of the 44th East Essex Foot in the Peninsula.

I had feared that he wouldn't quite reach the standard of the solitary rifleman I'd painted from the box over a year ago (see above), but in fact he's turned out better, I reckon!

Two down 38 to go!


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Painting Challenge Entry 1

There's couple of painting challenges currently running over on The Guild and Lead Adventure, the one on The Guild having the theme "Red", and the one on Lead Adventure being a medieval one. As luck would have it, my first entry fit the criterea for both!

Presenting Sir Archibald "Bell The Cat", the Red Douglas, Earl of Angus, at Sauchieburn 1488, with a couple of his retainers.

The figures are from the Perry's plastic Wars of the Roses "Mercenaries" box. It seemed like a good idea at the time to use one of the spare standard arms to make a front rank man with a (Somewhat clumsily and unconvincingly held) levelled pike; now I reckon he looks more like an extra from Hawk The Slayer (probably as a result of that helmet and mace combo...) But however...

The Guild challenge finishes on the 14th, and I've got another couple of entries to try and squeeze in for that, and the Lead Adventure one closes once 200 miniatures have been painted by the entrants collectively, so again, want to get some more stuff finished for that aswell.

Back to the painting table!